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Intensive Positive Behavior Support (IPBS) is a continuum of Tier II evidenced-based interventions supporting students with behavioral challenges.  IPBS is designed to be implemented within multi-tiered systems of support and thus builds from and enhances Tier I systems, practices and the use of data for decision making.  The three-tiered prevention logic organizes behavior supports along a continuum, matching intervention intensity and function to the student’s needs.  Tier II, targeted, group-based interventions are designed for students who are considered at-risk for behavioral challenges and/or academic deficits.  Students who need additional support may display behaviors externally or internally in response to the stress of school and/or home.  The goal is to provide support to these students in meeting their needs, to keep them in class learning, and to avoid escalation to more intensive service needs.


Tier II teams develop decision rules and use multiple sources of data such as office discipline referrals and a variety of screening tools to identify students in need of additional support before the student requires more intensive intervention.  By developing a request for assistance process and a student review process the Tier II, or at-risk team, can place students into Tier II interventions sooner (within 3 days of a referral) as well as match the student need to the selected intervention with greater accuracy.  Specific and daily feedback is provided on behavioral and academic progress.  Student performance data is used to track proportion of intervention progress across the day, daily, weekly and monthly.  Data-based decision making includes student progress monitoring, overall performance of the intervention and the fidelity of implementation by all participants (student, teacher, family).



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