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Board Members

Cristy Clouse

- Board President

Barbara Kelley

- Board Vice President

Bob Bertolli

Retired Business Owner
- Board Treasurer

Fran Antenore, EdD

Retired School Principle
- Board Member

Steve Gonzalez, EdD

Director of SPED
- Board Member

Jacob Olsen, PhD

Assistant Professor at CSULB
- Board Member



           Cristy Clouse 

                 CEO & President


          Barbara Kelley

            CFO & Vice President   

Cristy and Barbara are the founders of the California Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Inc. (CalTAC-PBIS, Inc.).  CalTAC-PBIS, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization supporting educators with their personal and professional growth.  Cristy is CEO/President and Barbara is Vice-President of Innovation.  Cristy and Barbara design and coach multi-tiered social-emotional-behavioral (SEB) professional development from early childhood through high school.  In their work they promote equity, safety, and social-emotional well-being for ALL.  Recently, they have been working with Project Vietnam, scaling up Early Childhood PBIS with the University of Ho Chi Minh.

Twenty-two years ago, Drs’. Rob Horner and George Sugai from the National Center on PBIS were their PBIS trainers and mentors. Since that time, they have supported the scaling up efforts at regional, district and school site levels across California and the United States. A specific area of focus for CalTAC-PBIS over the last eight years has been the implementation of PBIS/MTSS in High Schools.  For the last two years, we have been engaged with the work from the Center for Healthy Minds and the Center for Appreciative Inquiry to better support a social-emotional-behavioral framework for ALL – students, staff, and stakeholders. CalTAC-PBIS hosts the High School PBIS Symposium, provides Summer Leadership Retreats and professional development modules.

     Patti  Hershfeldt

                Vice President of Marketing

Dr. Patti Hershfeldt is the Co-Director of the Center for Social Behavior Support at Old Dominion University, an affiliate of the national Center on PBIS. Patti co-chairs the APBS HS Network that supports high schools with implementation of SW PBIS/MTSS and aims to bridge connections between fellow implementors and researchers. Additionally, she has a strong professional focus on equity and student voice. Patti is a former high school special education teacher of 15 years and a mom to two daughters. 



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