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School-wide PBIS is a preventive and inclusive approach to equitable education for all students.  Since it is our belief all students can develop the social and academic skills needed to become successful citizens, it is then our responsibility to create equitable and inclusive environments where all students can practice and become fluent with the necessary social and academic skills for a successful transition into their adult lives.  Tier 1 is significant in providing the framework for proactive systems change.  It supports all adults in using a common language, common practices and the consistent use of behavioral science in our acknowledgement systems.


SWPBIS creates the systems to develop this prevention focused environment where Tier I teams intervene early before targeted behaviors occur using highly effective universal/schoolwide interventions.  By differentiating both content and the intensity of instruction, establishing and teaching positive behaviors, building acknowledgment systems and progress monitoring; PBIS Tier I teams use a multi-tiered model of service delivery to achieve high rates of student academic and social success.  Research-based, scientifically validated school-wide and classroom systems provide us with our most efficient and effective implementation strategies for a large majority of students.  Monitoring student progress to determine if a student is improving using assessments sensitive to small changes in student behavior and used frequently to maximize the intervention impact for each student informs our data-based decision making.  Assessment data is used for school-based and district-wide decision making to see if we have a problem, stating the problem with precision and then progress monitoring for further decision making.  Student outcome and implementation assessment data is also used to further inform a school’s Tier I action planning.



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